Madhya Pradesh Mangal Diwas Yojana is an important initiative run by the Women and Child Development Department. Its main objective is to conduct diverse activities related to health, nutrition, education and women empowerment in the Anganwadi centres of the state. Under this scheme, celebrated on the first Tuesday of every month, “Godh Bharai” (Baby Shower) is celebrated on the first Tuesday, “Annaprashan” (first solid food ceremony) on the second Tuesday, “Bal Chaupal” (Children’s Village Square) on the third Tuesday, “Lalima Diwas” (Lalima Day) on the fourth Tuesday and “Suposhan Diwas” (Nutrition Day) on the fifth Tuesday every three months.

Main Objectives of the Scheme

  • Health and Nutrition for Women and Children: Provide health and nutrition check-ups, vaccination, supplementary food distribution and health education to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children aged six months to three years.
  • Education and Awareness: Provide early childhood education to children and increase awareness among women and adolescent girls about hygiene, healthy lifestyle, legal rights and various government schemes.
  • Women Empowerment: Equip women with skill development training, inform them about self-employment opportunities and promote social awareness about women’s issues.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Enhancement of Health and Nutrition: Health check-ups, immunization, supplementary food distribution and health education programmes under the scheme have significantly improved the health and nutrition of women and children.
  • Increase in Educational Standards: Early childhood education for children and awareness education for women and adolescent girls have raised educational standards in the state.
  • Empowerment of Women: Skill development training and self-employment opportunities have made women self-reliant and socially empowered.

Mangal Diwas Yojana: Transforming Anganwadis into Joyful Tuesdays

The Madhya Pradesh Mangal Diwas Yojana transforms Anganwadi centres from mere government offices into centres of joy and empowerment. Run by the Women and Child Development Department, the scheme is celebrated on the first Tuesday of every month with special programmes for pregnant women, mothers, children and community members. Let’s find out how Tuesday becomes a day of joy:

Every Tuesday, A New Celebration

  • First Tuesday: Joy of Godh Bharai: A baby shower event for pregnant women, providing nutritional advice and tips to stay healthy during pregnancy.
  • Second Tuesday: Sweet Welcome of Annaprashan: A ceremony for six-month-old babies, in which mothers are informed about the nutritional requirements of children.
  • Third Tuesday: Bal Chaupal – A confluence of games and learning: Creating a learning environment through games, focusing on the physical and mental development of children.
  • Fourth Tuesday: Laalima Day – A strong bond between mothers and children: Emphasizing the importance of breastfeeding and providing information on postpartum care.
  • Fifth Tuesday (every three months): Suposhan Diwas – Laying the foundation of a healthy future: Awareness programs to overcome nutritional deficiencies, and distributing nutritious food to children and pregnant women.

Role of Anganwadi Workers

The success of this scheme mainly goes to the Anganwadi workers. These women organize Mangal Diwas programs at Anganwadi centers every Tuesday and connect with the community. They are entrusted with the task of spreading awareness, giving health advice and providing information about government schemes. Anganwadi workers are the backbone of this initiative.

Community Participation – The Foundation of Empowerment

The Madhya Pradesh Mangal Diwas Yojana can be successful only with the active participation of the community. The presence of pregnant women, mothers, children and families is essential in the Tuesday programs. Gram Pradhan, ASHA workers and other respected persons can also strengthen this scheme with their participation.

Future Plan

The Madhya Pradesh Mangal Diwas Yojana is an ongoing initiative. More programs can be included in the future, such as:

  • Discussion on healthy lifestyle for adolescent girls
  • Awareness campaign against child marriage and the dowry system
  • Focusing on the health of elderly women

The inclusion of these programs will increase the scope of the scheme, benefiting all social sections.

Be a Part of Mangal Diwas

Participate in Mangal Diwas programs at your local Anganwadi centers. By participating in activities you can increase your awareness and help others to gain more information.

This Mangal Diwas Yojana is an important step towards the development of women and children in Madhya Pradesh. Let us all together make this scheme a success and create a happy atmosphere at every Anganwadi Centre every Tuesday!


The Madhya Pradesh Mangal Diwas Yojana is an important initiative in the field of women and child development. Through this scheme, the state government seeks to improve the health, education and nutrition of women and children, promote women’s empowerment and promote social awareness.

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