Recently the Central Government has passed a new Hit-and-Run Bill in Parliament. President Draupadi Murmu has also approved this bill. Now this has become a new law under the Indian Judicial Code. The provisions that have been added to it are being opposed in many places.

In a Hit-and-Run case, if the driver runs away from the spot after the accident and someone dies in that accident, then the driver can be punished with up to ten years of imprisonment. Apart from this, fines can also be imposed. This is being opposed in many places.

What was the Old Hit-and-Run Law?

If after an accident the driver flees the scene with the vehicle, it means “hit and run”. If a driver hits someone and instead of helping the injured person, the driver runs away with the car, then such a case is counted as hit and run. Earlier, according to the hit-and-run law, the driver used to get bail and there was a provision of a maximum punishment of 2 years. Although in some cases, if a driver meets with an accident, instead of running away, he helps the injured and takes them to the hospital, this has been seen in only a few cases. Therefore this law has been made strict.

What is the New Hit-and-Run Law?

Now according to the new hit-and-run law, if the driver absconds from the spot after the accident without informing the police, then if caught, he will be punished with 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 7 lakh can also be imposed. Protests are taking place everywhere against this law. According to accident statistics, every year 50 thousand people die in hit-and-run cases in the country. For this reason, the law has been made strict.

Why are drivers protesting against Hit-and-Run Laws?

The protesting drivers say that if they run away from the spot after the accident, they can face 10 years in jail and if they stay at the spot, they can be attacked by the existing crowd. Drivers and bus owners say that the central government has made changes in the hit-and-run law. Under the new change, now a provision of a fine of Rs 7 lakh and imprisonment of 10 years has been made. Drivers do not get salaries on time. In such a situation, such laws are going to create more problems. Drivers did not drive buses in protest against the amendment in the hit-and-run law.

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